University of Notre Dame · Center for Research Computing

Summer 2013

RoleResearch Intern
StackAndroid · Java · OpenGL · Objective C · iOS
DescriptionIn the Summer of 2013, I was an intern for the University of Notre Dame's Center for Research Computing. During my time there, I helped port an iOS application to Android. Taking pre-existing code from the iOS app, I developed an Android application that allowed a user to open various 3D OpenGL models. Once loaded, the user could leverage the touch features of Android to move, zoom, and rotate a given model. I also created a navigation menu that allowed the user to easily switch between different models and switch between the different rendering views of the OpenGL framework.

Summer 2011

RoleResearch Intern
StackAndroid · Java · PHP · SQL · HTML · CSS · Javascript
DescriptionDuring the Summer of 2011, I participated in an REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) run by the University of Notre Dame's Center for Research Computing. For my project, I was paired up with a faculty mentor with whom I had worked the previous year on various web projects. Together, we decided to develop an Android app for one of the research groups he was a part of, Open Sourcing the Design of Civil Infrastructure. The goal of the project was to develop an app that allowed every day citizens who experienced property damage due to natural disasters to report the damage in a smart and efficient way. Using crowd-sourcing through this app, the research group would then be able to glean useful information from the submissions to better analyze the ramifications of natural disasters on modern day civil engineering structures. The app allowed users to take images with their Android devices, fill out a quick form describing the type of disaster that had caused the damage in the image, and then used the phone's location services to geo-tag each image with GPS coordinates. From there, I then developed a website where one could view, filter, and analyze the submitted data.
I later adapted this project for the local division of the American Red Cross in South Bend, Indiana. With this app, the Red Cross strived to bring their damage recording system to the modern technologic era.