S&P Capital IQ · Real-Time Desktop

August 2013 - Present

RoleSoftware Engineer · UI Team
StackJavascript (jQuery) · HTML · CSS · Highcharts.js · Handlebars.js · Require.js · Backbone.js · Java · JavaFX
DescriptionUse Javascript, HTML, and CSS within JavaFX webviews to create a rich webapp that displays Real-Time financial data to users. My main focuses were developing the applications Charting and FX Rate "widgets". The Chart allows users to plot financial data over different periods of time and perform technical analysis using various different calculated metrics. The FX Rates widget enables users to view live updating exchange rates for different currencies around the world.

Summer 2012

RoleSoftware Engineer Intern
StackC# · .Net · SQL · HTML · CSS · Javascript (jQuery) · Java

Megasmoke 2016

Jan-Feb 2015

RoleLead Developer
StackJavascript (jQuery) · HTML · CSS · Parse.js
Description25th Anniversary website for the University of Notre Dame Ultimate team. The site allows alumni and undergrads of the team to view events planned for the reunion, register for the reunion, view a photo gallery of compiled photos from years past, and view videos created for the event. It features modern web components such as parallax scrolling, cloud data storage, and embedded YouTube videos as page backgrounds for a truly modern web experience.


Fall 2014

RoleLead Developer
StackJavascript (jQuery) · HTML · CSS · Handlebars.js
DescriptionI developed this site at the request of a friend running the Chicago Marathon. He was running the race and wanted a clean, modern website that he could use in order to share training updates and other information about the race with family and friends. Along with this, he wanted an organized place to ask for donations as the old site he was using was very limited in its offerings. Over the course of the Fall of 2014, I worked with him to develop an exciting site where his friends and family could follow along with his progress in the days leading up to the race and offer their support as he reached his goal.

Discover Niche LLC

Fall 2013

RoleLead Developer
StackJavascript (jQuery) · HTML · CSS · PHP · SQL
DescriptionNiche was a startup collaboration between a couple of Notre Dame graduates and undergraduates. The concept was to make the online shopping experience a more social and personal experience that allowed users of the site to create custom shopping profiles. The site would then begin to learn their interests and suggest friends and new products for the user to look at. I acted as the lead developer, getting the foundation for the project started. In my time as part of the team I established the sites registration system, landing page, and infrastructure to move forward.